'W.A.S.P' Warning Alert System for Pedestrians -- $199

Installation Instructions -- Tesla Model 3 and Y

When you received the W.A.S.P. package, it should include:
You should bench-test the system before installation to see where all the cables connect. All the connections are color coded for simple hookup. Connect any Micro-USB cable to the WASP power cable and plug into any USB power source, and it should all work. Make sure the USB speaker is powered on and set to AUX mode. The units ship with slightly different speakers.

For Model 3 and Model Y installations, you'll need to locate a suitable UNSWITCHED 12v source to connect the 12v-5v adapter. Below are two videos that show three different locations to tap 12v power and ground connections for the 5v adapter.

You can't run a connection direct to the battery in the frunk as the car will detect that as an internal battery short and generate the 12V battery needs service message.
There is a closer ground point than in the videos above. It is right below the right body control module.

To get access to VC RIGHT you remove the Lower glovebox trim (remove pin, then pull plug); then the side glove box trim, then upper a-pillar trim, then pull the pin for lower a-pillar trim. Pull up lower side of A-pillar trim, then pull out upper portion.

The best location for the equipment is in the frunk area, below the trim, on the passenger side (basically right on the other side of the "firewall" as VCRIGHT).

If you have any questions, please contact me as HankLloydRight on TMC or email: [email protected]. thanks!
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